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The Experts Explain About Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight

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Slow and no strain exercise makes people hard to believe that yoga could help lose weight. Although many people testified about the real result, the others keep on asking can yoga help you lose weight. While people keep arguing, finding the answer from experts is wise choice.

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight for Real?

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is all about taking fewer calories and burn more. Yoga is after-all an exercise with ability to burn calorie. However, the expert says that most yoga types are only burn half of calorie burned by aerobic for the same session period. It means you need to do yoga longer if you want to get a good amount of calorie burning. The other way is to do power yoga that has faster and more active movements.

Traditional yoga may not so helpful in calorie burning but the experts were concerned about another key of lose weight that is lower calorie intake. This is why yoga is so different from other exercise. This is the real answer for can yoga help you lose weight. The answer is with the breathing technique and meditation that could lower stresses, yoga help increases your awareness to how your body reacts and get rid emotional craving.

If you do yoga regularly, you can develop a better diet. After the emotional craving gone, you will eat when you hungry not when you stress out. You also likely eat healthier foods because you aware that your body ask them. The blissful feeling could help you become wiser to choose the right diet plan and keep on focus in doing it until you reach your weight loss goal.

Now the answer is clear. Can yoga help you lose weight? Yes, yoga is really able to help you lose weight as long as you choose the right yoga type and do it routinely with strength of mind.

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