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How to Lose Weight in 3 Days Military Diet

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When you have a big event coming up and you feel that you need to lose some pounds, then these tips on how to lose weight in 3 days military diet will be the best option. If there are only a few days left, it means you do not have much time to cut some pounds with the ordinary diet. You need to apply something extreme; one of it is using water to flush in your system.

Easy Steps to Lose Weight in 3 Days Military Diet

Lose Weight in 3 Days Military Diet

a) The first thing you can do to lose weight in 3 days military diet is drinking plenty spring water or filtered water. Such water is free from salt. By doing it, your digestion system would be boosted, which means that all foods in your stomach would be pushed through more quickly. Drinking filtered water will also keep you urinating and hydrated.

b) The second thing you have to do to lose some pounds within three days is avoiding carbohydrates. When you cut carbs for the next three days, you will lose significant amount of fat. It happens because each pound of carb in the body contains up to 5 lbs. of water. Burning off carbs helps your body to lose the excess water. Try to limit salt intake. You have to know that sodium absorbs water in the body. It makes the process of expelling water slower. By cutting the salt intake, it can effectively cut some pounds.

c) For the next three days, take extended walk or a jog every day. Maybe, it does not help to burn calories, but by doing it, excess carb and salt in your body could be cleared. Jogging and walking will effectively burn extra carbs and will remove the water weight.

By doing those tips on how to lose weight in 3 days military diet, you will get a better appearance and self-confidence.

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