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Healthy Weight Loss Plans for Women with Obesity

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Obesity is a big problem for women. It causes low self-esteem and it could increase risk to various diseases. However, women with obesity could not just lose weight fast. They need weight loss plans for women that will not put any harm to the body. The plan should able to maintain balance so the body will not get shock by fast reduce of weight.

Fast Weight Loss Plans for Women without Putting the Body in Danger

Weight Loss Plans for Women

Healthy fast weight loss is a good combination of healthy diet with healthy exercise and enough rest. Although the requirement for weight loss is to take low calorie, nutrition requirement should be fulfilled. Therefore, the diet should include foods with enough protein, vitamin, minerals, healthy fats, and carbohydrate. Put more vegetables in the plate and choose lean meat or fish, instead of fatty meat. Add a good portion of fruits, bean, and nut on the meal. For carbohydrate sources, choose high fiber and low GI foods such as brown rice, whole-wheat foods, and oats. Do not forget to drink plenty water to keep the body hydrated.

Exercise on weight loss plans for women should be done regularly everyday but women with obesity should not do high strain and high impact exercises because it would be dangerous for the joints. Avoid exercises that include jumping and running. Walking fast is better option because it burn fat and good for heart. Do not take regular aerobic class but choose aerobic class for obesity that designed with low impact movements. Strength training is needed to shape body and avoid loose skin due to weight loss.

Resting is another important because it will help organs to revitalize and improve body metabolism. A good deep sleep for about seven to eight hours a day is needed on weight loss plans for women. Avoid overwork because it could increase craving for carb. Take a rest between works but do not be lazy.

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