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Fast Metabolism Diet Plan Get Rid the Starvation

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Fast metabolism diet plan is really hot recently. Numerous hot celebrities exercise this diet plan to maintain their sexy body. When celebrity practices it, people are following since the diet is proven effective. Yet, the main reason why this diet plan becomes hot choice is not the celebrity but the fact that this is highly effective diet without starvation. When the other diet make you suffer due to very small portion of meal, this diet is covering a real portion of food to ensure you feel full through the day. The different is found in the food choices and meal schedule. In this diet plan, you will eat more foods and drinks that will boost metabolism. Improved metabolism means increasing fat burning and losing pounds. Even in the sleep, the fat burning continues. Then, the diet plan is about changing metabolism to optimize the fat burning process without harming the body and maintain the body balance.

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan in Three Phases

In general, the initial diet is 4 weeks plan with three different phases every week. The first phase is Monday and Tuesday with high carb, moderate protein, and low fat diet. The first phase is meant to soothe and encourage digestive system to digest the food. The second phase is Wednesday and Thursday with low carb, high protein, high vegetable, and low fat diet. The second phase is meant to unlock the stored fats. The third phase is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with moderate carb, moderate protein, high healthy fat, and low-sugar fruit diet. This third phase is the actual fast metabolism phase when you burn the unlocked fat.

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

The foods allowed for each phase are different. The foods you can eat in one phase may not allow for the other phases. For example, turkey jerky and venison are only allowed for phase two, while for phase one and three, you can eat turkey sausage. You must pay attention to the foods list if you want to do the diet correctly. Besides the allowed food, there are forbidden foods during the diet period, including dairy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, soy, dried fruit, refined sugar, etc. The diet is also completed with different exercises for each phase. For phase one that meant to soothe the body, the recommended exercise is cardio training. Exercises for phase two are weight training and muscular activity. For phase three, the recommendation is yoga and other stretching training that could burn fat fast.

When the diet is done properly and correctly, you can lose up to 20 pounds at the end of the 28 days period. In order to do it correctly, you can use the Fast Metabolism Diet Book to guide you plan the whole 28 days program. Be sure you remember the entire schedule and do it properly and honestly. If you have problem to remember the schedule, diet app for iPhone is available. After you finish the initial program, you can continue the diet if you want to lose another pounds. Once you experience and successfully complete the initial diet plan, it would be easier for you to continue fast metabolism diet plan.

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